Sad day for the world.

Today is a very sad day, it seems that the deep state, media & shady crooks who pull many of the strings behind the government are absolutely committed to war in Syria – and to ramping up tensions with Russia. Sadly, it appears Donald Trump is being sucked into all of this too. Yet again, just like with WW1, WW2 and the recent wars in Iraq, we are being taken to war for the interests of a tiny clique of internationalists and bankers.

Britain First opposes 10,000 anti-British leftists in London!

Published on 24 Mar 2017
Britain First

On the annual U.A.F procession through London, Britain First activists opposed a 10,000 strong leftwing mob.

Despite the overwhelming odds, our activists stood firm in the face of a barrage of leftwing abuse and violence.

Voice of Europe

Mike Adams, Alex Jones attacked… is it a prelude to a false flag event targeting Trump?

(Natural News) As most of you are aware, last week we witnessed massive attacks on independent media. Alex Jones, who is by far the leading voice in the war against tyranny, was stripped of $3 million in ad revenue after being banned from AdRoll. We saw Milo, one of the loudest Trump supporters, be ripped apart after making irresponsible statements that the media was able to manipulate into pro-molestation remarks, causing him to lose his $250,000 book deal and step down from Breitbart. And now, which has been a pioneer in exposing the lies of big pharma, vaccine makers, and dirty food pushers, has had all of its 140,000 articles scrubbed from Google, even while Google refuses to provide any evidence justifying the blacklisting. We see this for what it is; a massive conspiracy to silence the truth.

World feminists

Melanie Shaw Given Two Years Following Secret Court Hearing – UPDATED

Melanie Shaw Given Two Years Following Secret Court Hearing – UPDATED

On Wednesday 11 January 2016,
Melanie Shaw, the whistleblower on the horrific abuse of children which occurred at the then county council-run Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottinghamshire in the late 1980s, was given a two-year custodial sentence in a secret court hearing.

The nature of the charge against her is unclear and that information is refused when requested of court staff. The case against Melanie Shaw took place late yesterday morning but it did not appear on any court lists until the hearing was past.

Melanie Shaw did not appear in person in court for this hearing, which was conducted by video link from her prison, as has also been the case with previous of her court ‘appearances’. She states that without fail, whenever in the past she has given testimony by such video link, she has been cut off on the pretext that “you were shouting”, which she denies.

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Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Facebook has done some pretty bad stuff this last year. They spent a lot of money and personal resources to help Hillary Clinton out during the election.

The real Anderson Cooper

Madonna performs Unapologetic Bitch during her Rebel Heart Tour stop in Brooklyn, NY (9/19/15). She brings Anderson Cooper on stage and has fun with a banana! He’;s has the audacity to confront Donald Trump about women. The complete perv.


Charlotte Riots: What They’re NOT Telling You

Published on 22 Sep 2016
This is NOT a protest, it’s a violent riot by criminal, gang-member thugs.

Massive Rally AGAINST Islam In France

Did you hear about this MASSIVE rally in France? You probably didn’t because it’s exactly what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see.
A nationalist rally has been held in Paris with hundreds of young people taking to the streets to join the demonstration organized by the French anti-immigration Generation Identitaire movement to protest against “islamization.”


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