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Manchester Terror Attack My response, Jayda fransen

Published on 23 May 2017 Britain First Manchester is on lockdown with armed police patrolling the city centre after an ISIS suicide bomber killed 22 people and injured 59 at an Ariana Grande pop concert at Manchester Arena.

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Britain First opposes 10,000 anti-British leftists in London!

Published on 24 Mar 2017 Britain First On the annual U.A.F procession through London, Britain First activists opposed a 10,000 strong leftwing mob. Despite the overwhelming odds, our activists stood firm in the face of a barrage of leftwing abuse and violence.

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Patriots invade biggest Sharia Court in London – What they found will SHOCK you

A shocking video shows activists exposing a Sharia Law court operating inside London – and outside British law. The court, publicly known as the “Islamic Sharia Council,” is one of an estimated 100 Sharia law courts carrying out legal matters in the UK in accordance to Islamic law.

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