Gary Raikes – ‘Sir Oswald Mosley and the BUF’

Sir Oswald Mosley, Baronet, British Infantry Officer who served in the real holocaust of WWI’s trench warfare, and Member of Parliament, was a man who could have been leader of either The Conservative Party or of The Labour Party. He was admired for his sincerity, intellect, passion, and energy by a broad cross-section of society and from right across the political spectrum. He had the sort of incisive mind that was able to get to grips with and offer simple solutions to seemingly complex issues and his renown for hard work in Westminster was legendary among the Civil Service. He was also a patriot of high principles who cared for the plight of the British people and realised that nothing could be done for them from within the mainstream political parties. Thus he set up The British Union of Fascists in an attempt to circumvent the Westminster log jamb and to distance himself from the corrupt old style politics. Conventional historians and materialists regard this move as a mistake. But was it? New documents now being released from the Public Records Office, and from other source,s show that ‘the powers that should not be’ were extremely worried about the success of Mosley’s BUF and spent an immense amount of resources to ensure he wouldn’t be victorious.

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