Paul Pitt: Organising the ‘No More Refugees’ Dover Marches

Published on 8 Jul 2016

Gaining National headlines again and again, the Dover ‘No More Refugees’ rallies have been incredibly successful in catapulting the non-white invasion of Britain to the top of the news stories. Those who wish to see the extermination of Britain and the British people have tried to stop these marches and used all the financial, legal and well-funded organisational might they can use, all to no avail, for the British people have had enough of being told what they can and cannot do and can and cannot think. They have had enough of the white extermination agenda, enough of being told that the white race being exterminated is a good thing and they are angry, very angry. Paul Pitt who organises these rallies will explain how a non-factional, non-partisan approach is key – after all as far as our enemies are concerned we are all just ‘whites’.

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